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At Electroglass® we understand that the needs of exceptional glass artists demand extraordinary equipment that is safe, user friendly, reliable, and consistently produces the highest quality glass. We can usually ship glass blowing furnaces within ten days of your order, and you can be making exquisite glass a week later! Not only does Electroglass® manufacture state-of-the-art, electric, glass melting furnaces, but it is also the only American manufacturer of state-of-the-art, electric, glory holes. In addition to that we make some of the industry’s best annealers, electric fusing kilns, and color-pot crucible ovens. With our technology and resources, we have the capability of installing complete, all electric, glass blowing studios anywhere in the world on short notice. Electroglass® can supply all of your glass studio needs from glass making equipment to pelletized glass batch. We are the world’s exclusive supplier of the Electroglass® pellets made for us by Philips. With twenty-five years experience, and hundreds of happy customers, you can trust Electroglass® as your partner for success. We take pride in assisting our customers, and that’s why we are members of the Better Business Bureau. If you would like to know more, please give us a call, toll free: 877-540-9444.Our glass blowing equipment can be found in hundreds of studios the world over. Chances are good we can arrange for you to visit an Electroglass® studio near you.

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